Hands And Foot Ceremonies

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The Hands & Foot Ceremonies, an innovative concept dedicated to both the health and appearance of hands and feet.

1. Deluxe Hand Ritual

Keep your hands and nails in tip-top condition as nails are cleansed, shaped and treated to pure luxury.The ultimate conditioning hand ritual polishes your skin and restores your cuticles.After a massage, they are covered with warm compresses.

Duration:70 minutes                 Amount:2,100/-

2. Deluxe Foot Ritual

Give your feet the attention they deserve with this luxurious pedicure routine.The treatment will commence with a foot soak. dead skin removal and lathered In creamy body butter and warmed in booties.The treatment ends with toe nail and cuticle work.

Duration:70 minutes                 Amount: 2,300/-

3. Classic Therapies

Our Spa also offers a choice of the following massage experiences:

  • Deep Tissue   (90minutes) 7,000/­
  • Traditional Swedish   (75 minutes) 4.500/
  • Holistic Massage   (75 minutes) 5,000/-