Healing Facial Treatments

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Facial will refresh and revive your skin leaving it feeling absolutely delicious.This luxurious treatments firms, repairs and re-densifies to correct the signs of ageing. Enjoy being pampered with a unique toning massage technique, concentrated serums and firming peel-off mask. Skin is ultimately rejuvenated.

1. Healing EARTH hydra boost facial Treatment

A very luxurious facial treatment suitable fer all skin types and is designed to boost moisture in the skin. The unique Hydrating Repair Mask will leave your skin radiant and smooth after only one treatment.

Duration: 60minutes                Amount:6,000/-

2. Healing EARTH purifying teen facial Treatment

This deep cleansing facial helps to regulate oil secretion whilst refining the pores and is ideal for oily, congested and problematic skin. Unique natural serums are used to encour­age healing , decongestion and clear skin.

Duration: 60 minutes                  Amount: 5,000/-

3. Healing EARTH Glow and radiance  facial Treatment

A perfect treatment for damaged skin caused by environmen­tal factors,stress and Lack of sleep.Your skin will appear brighter and the texture more refined as the anti-oxtidants will increase circulation and cellular regeneration.

Duration: 60 minutes              Amount: 6,000/-

Healing Earth Men's Routine Facials

1. Healing EARTH Purifying Facial for Men

Specially designed for a male skin,this facial treatment helps to Energize,Balance and Protect the skin on a deeper level. Feel de-stressed and renewed as we massage the scalp and feet as well as visibly improve the overall look and feel of the skin.

Duration: 60 minutes         Amount:6,000/-