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The World Championship Winning Škoda Fabia R5

  TECHNICAL INFORMATION:   Base Car:        ŠKODA FABIA III Length:            3,994 mm Max. width:     1,820 mm Min. weight:    1,230 kg Bodyshell:       Modified for 4x4 drivetrain                         Safety roll-cage   ENGINE:         Turbocharged 4-cylinder:       1,620 cm3 Direct injection            Max. power:                            210 kW Max. torque:                            420 Nm   From a mass-produced engine to a racing one:   The mass-produced engine, from which the racing engine of the ŠKODA FABIA R5 is derived, was originally introduced in the Volkswagen Lamando and ŠKODA Superb cars for the Chinese market.   The engine in the rally car is different in the following ways:   ·       Due to the reduction from 1.8 l to 1.6 l, there is a completely new crank mechanism, specially developed for rally conditions ·       The valve distribution and cylinder replacement system has been completely redesigned in order to ensure ideal conditions for replacement and cylinder filling ·       The fuel system (high-pressure pump and injection nozzles) was also adjusted ·       The racing engine is equipped with a modified turbocharger from the Audi S3 to ensure the necessary supply of air ·       Due to the new engine position in the car, the oil system and the engine ventilation system have been completely redesigned and optimized   Such an engine in rallying must be reliably controlled and therefore a special engine control system has been developed to provide, in addition to performance parameters, reliability in case of the failure of some electrical components.     Everything has limitations and rules:   The engine must,  of course, comply with all FIA regulations for the R5 category and also with the special rules given by national associations in the countries where the ŠKODA FABIA R5 competes. The power of the engine is limited by FIA rules, which means there is a prescribed maximum operating pressure of 1.5bars or a 32mm diameter restrictor. For a considerable number of parts used in the engine, there are price limits or a requirement that parts must come from a mass-produced car.   CHASSIS:   Both axles have a McPherson suspension designed for extreme conditions that cannot occur in regular traffic. On jumps, the force on every wheel equals multiple the weight of the car.   A pure rally car without electronic assistance:   The ŠKODA FABIA R5 does not have any auxiliary electronics for driving. Of all possible sensors, the car only has the sensors required for engine control and sensors for brake pressure, steering wheel position or fuel level – but these are not related to the engine control and are to provide information only.   WHAT FUEL ŠKODA FABIA R5 USES:   Special Fuel Tank: Volume 82.5 l Consumption: 0.6 l/km of a special stage   To store fuel, the car has a special fuel tank according to the FIA regulations. It is made of Kevlar fabric and puncture-resistant rubber. The tank is filled with a special foam to prevent the spilling of gasoline. From the bottom, the tank is protected by a glass-kevlar fibre cover and an absorbent layer. The cover has a minimum thickness of 10 mm according to FIA regulations.   The FABIA R5's tank is filled thanks to a pair of quick couplings located directly on the top of the tank.   RIMS AND TYRES:     Tarmac: 8‘x18‘ – min. weight 8.9 kg Gravel: 7‘x15‘ – min. weight 8.6 kg   For tarmac WRC events, competitors are currently allowed to use three tyre compounds, differing in their hardness and suitability for different types of asphalt or atmospheric conditions (including rain).   For gravel WRC events, competitors are allowed just two compounds (soft and hard). Extreme and challenging rally conditions can be very hard on tyres, but nevertheless, the number of tyres teams can use during a rally is limited and is set by the rally organizer according to the length of the event – usually, it is around 28 pairs for the whole rally.   Join us in cheering on Aakif Virani in this year’s WRC Safari Rally Kenya, via our social media handles, from 23rd - 26th June 2022.    #EnashipaiWRCFun    


10 Exciting Things To Do In Naivasha

Enashipai is an ideal launch pad for exploring greater Naivasha and the surrounding tourist circuit. Located within the splendour of the Great Rift Valley and by the shores of Lake Naivasha this multi award winning resort is only 90 minutes away from Kenya’s capital - Nairobi. Considered an all year round vacation and business  destination, it is strategically close so some of the most beautiful and must-see attractions such as Hell’s Gate Naitional Park, Crescent Island, Mt. Longonot, and Lake Nakuru National Park. 



The industry flat-lined in 2020 with the pundits predicting a weak pulse from October 2021 and that seemed like a million years away. The recent Safari Rally seemed to have given the industry an early lease of life. The local and international community participated with equal fervor and excitement. Every bed in Naivasha was occupied for days and everyone felt the trickle-down effects of having the 2021 World Rally Championship in Naivasha. Conferences are also back despite the popularity and financial viability of zoom meetings. With social distancing protocols being second nature to us now, it seems we have found ways we can be in each other’s presence without spreading COVID-19. This is extremely good news for the hospitality industry whose future seemed so bleak a while ago. With so many jobs lost, and others restructured, the comeback of the traditional meetings and events can only be good news for the hospitality community. As much the general scope and outlook of life has changed, and as much as hotels must reinvent the way they interact with guests, keeping some of the old ways of doing meetings and events in traditional ways may be the way to bring us all the way back to life. The limp to normalcy may be slow but it is sure. As more companies are encouraging remote work, hotels are seeing the opportunities in rebranding as remote offices. Getting both work and play done at the same time. The fact that conference rooms can now only take half the capacity is inspiring innovative ways to do conferences such as having meetings outside in nature under a tent or virtually. So, as we await the big events to come our way, we continue to depend on the everyday conferences here and a small wedding there, the weekend road trip gang and the family with cabin fever looking to have a change of  environment. After a whole year of eating in and preparing your own meals, eat out some more, support your local restaurants or better yet, visit Enashipai and experience this and more!     By: Editorial Team


Grandparents' Day

Join us in celebrating Grandparents’ Day all weekend from 10th - 12th  September, 2021 at the true #PlaceOfHappiness. *10% OFF Bookings on all rooms (Priority room allocation in close proximity to hotel amenities | Discount is only eligible for direct bookings) PLUS: • 15% off selected spa massages • Low sodium & low-carb meals available • Saturday game night with prizes up for grabs • Sunday boat ride to Crescent Island (charged separately)


Safari Rally 2021 | Capture & Win Competition

 BY PARTICIPATING IN THE ENASHIPAI ‘CAPTURE AND WIN’ PROMOTION, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS:   Description: The Enashipai Resort and Spa online competition dubbed ‘capture and win’ is a social media promotion (running on Facebook and Instagram) where online fans get to post the best photo(s) of the Enashipai sponsored WRC rally car during the Safari Rally which will take place in Naivasha from 24th-27th June, 2021.   Eligibility: Unless otherwise specified and in connection with particular offerings, participation in the promotion is open only to natural persons who are 18 years of age or older. Only photos posted and tagged by fans online with the official hashtag #EnashipaiRallyFun on Facebook or Instagram will be eligible for consideration. The aforementioned promotion is only valid from 24th – 27th June, 2021.   Winner Selection: The winning post shall be chosen on the basis of which photo(s) posted with the official hashtag #EnashipaiRallyFun, receive the most likes on either Facebook or Instagram. The prize up for grabs is a gift voucher for a ONE night for TWO stay in one of Enashipai’s Fountain Executive rooms.     The final decision will on who wins will be at the discretion of the promotional team who shall ensure any post selected does not violate Enashipai Resort and Spa’s ethical policies and are in line with the brand’s image. The winning post will be announced on Wednesday 30th June, 2021 and the winner contacted directly by the social media marketing team and mentioned on either of the respective social platforms.     Reservation of Rights: Participation in the promotion allows Enashipai Resort and Spa to use any participating comments/images in their current or future marketing. The promotion and its benefits are offered at Enashipai’s discretion, and we reserve the right to modify or discontinue (temporarily or permanently), the promotion at our sole discretion. We may, among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any aspect of the promotion if need be. Enashipai Resort and Spa will not be liable to individual(s) or any third-party for any modification or discontinuance of the service, in whole or in part.


Art & Brunch

Join us from 3rd - 4th October, 2020 for our first ever Art and Brunch weekend - a rare opportunity to view paintings by renowned artist Kamunya Wanjuki and watch him paint beautiful landscapes inspired by Naivasha. We promise you a fantastic experience with lots of food and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Karibu!  Venue: Coffee Lounge Gardens  | Time: 11:00am - 3:30pm  | Price: Kes, 2,750/- per person Plus: • An art exhibition with unique pieces from various artists   • Discounted prices on art purchases • A chance to get your very own impressionist portrait done live   To purchase your tickets, click here.  Here's a little more about the renown artist, Kamunya Wanjuki.      



25th August, 2020 Thousands of conferences and business physical meetings are being cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the last 12 weeks we have been zooming and webinaring, for everything from the team ‘check in’ to global conferences. The chit chat and hubbub over a pre-meeting cup of tea has been replaced by awkward silences and apologies for being late as another meeting ‘ran over’. (Which we all know is mostly code for juggling childcare!). Thankfully, Governments are lifting travel bans and meetings are starting to take place. There is sense of  excitement in the industry and an optimism that business events will bounce back. At the same time, we’re preparing for events to be vastly different from pre-Covid times. We think they will  embrace sophisticated virtual platforms, as well as being smaller and more intimate. We’ve adopted the term ‘hybrid event’… As the name suggests, these will bring together a smaller, in person group with a wider virtual audience. There are several reasons we think these will be increasingly popular. Get people in the room: Firstly, and most obviously, the hybrid meeting can include key people who are not able to travel because of Covid restrictions. And they can feed off the energy of a small live group discussion. Get engagement: You can still do all the techie engagement stuff like live polls and chat rooms in a hybrid event. Anyone who has been to a large meeting pre-Covid will have now noticed that it is acceptable to be looking at your phone throughout. So, there’s no big change in social conventions needed for the in-room group to be chatting with the virtual attendees. Get better (full stop): Speakers and event organisers are going to have to think far more carefully about presentations and formats to engage in-room and virtual attendees. Those presentations must be cued on time and speakers really need to adhere to the stipulated timings. It is far easier to log off a virtual conference if the content is dragging. But there are also really important things to consider when hosting a hybrid event. Smart venues only: It really is all about the tech. Powerful internet connectivity and in room audio visual are going to make or break an event. Value adding ‘plug-ins’: Most of us get the most value from the networking opportunities between sessions. Event organizers are going to need to plug in the virtual attendees. We’re predicting the increased use of virtual hangouts for online audience to network or even initiate small video chats with the in-person audience. It is going to be more important than ever to use conference Apps (like Whova) to inform attendees and support networking.  To coin the famous misquote from Star Trek, ‘it’s an event Jim, but not as we know it’. We cannot wait!   By: Wanjeri Mahiti - Director, Sales & Marketing.



10th August, 2020 Millions of us are working and learning remotely during Covid-19. (‘Remotely’, what a scary word for a species that needs contact and touch.) As restrictions lift, I can’t help worrying this ‘business unusual’ could become the new normal. Zoom, Webex, and Google hangouts have replaced the flip chart, projectors and snacks in powering our  meetings and brainstorms. Despite the initial novelty of doing meetings in my pyjamas, I believe (and science has proven) that face-to-face interaction is irreplaceable. But I do think that some things have changed forever for conference organisers. It is not just about the safety element, which takes time and effort from us facility operators. We have all become choosier and more  selective about where we want to travel and who we want to meet. As businesses resume, meeting and conference attendees will have higher expectations for face-to-face  meetings in relation to their safety and overall event experience. Where do all of us at Enashipai see the change? Face to face meetings are going to be more carefully curated: The all-important contract negotiation, the highly confidential security briefing or the ground-breaking innovation presentation... Content delivery will transition from the traditional keynote addresses to shorter, tighter presentations on a particular issue. Let’s please say a long overdue ‘kwaheri’ to the overly-long PPT being read word for   word by the presenter. (Note to presenters..We can all read what’s on the slide!) Gone is the era of large gatherings with a flabby agenda. People will only gather for a strong value proposition, facilitated by a themed discussions among an intimate audience. Meeting moderators will    need to work harder to run to time and prioritize the critical speakers and decisions. Conference conveners will need to think more carefully about who really needs to be there. Do we really need so many people from the same organisation at a conference? They inevitably spend most of the breaks chatting to the same people they see in the office. By reducing the number of people at conferences, might we actually make them far more effective for networking? Digital platforms and technology will play an even bigger part in physical meetings, to incorporate people who cannot travel. Social distancing will now become mainstreamed as part of social etiquette. (The small upside for me personally will be removing the awkward dilemma of the business ‘hug or handshake’!) And it goes without saying that organisers will only be using venues that have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s on their sanitization policy and health and safety measures. So I say, the ‘normal’ conference or meeting is dead. But, BRING ON the focused, effective and safe moments that will power our economy and lives. By: Wanjeri Mahiti - Director, Sales & Marketing.



Enjoy seamless connectivity and comfort Increase productivity... Welcome to the true #PlaceOfHappiness To book your package today, click here.

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