The industry flat-lined in 2020 with the pundits predicting a weak pulse from October 2021 and that seemed like a million years away. The recent Safari Rally seemed to have given the industry an early lease of life. The local and international community participated with equal fervor and excitement. Every bed in Naivasha was occupied for days and everyone felt the trickle-down effects of having the 2021 World Rally Championship in Naivasha.

Conferences are also back despite the popularity and financial viability of zoom meetings. With social distancing protocols being second nature to us now, it seems we have found ways we can be in each other’s presence without spreading COVID-19.

This is extremely good news for the hospitality industry whose future seemed so bleak a while ago. With so many jobs lost, and others restructured, the comeback of the traditional meetings and events can only be good news for the hospitality community. As much the general scope and outlook of life has changed, and as much as hotels must reinvent the way they interact with guests, keeping some of the old ways of doing meetings and events in traditional ways may be the way to bring us all the way back to life. The limp to normalcy may be slow but it is sure. As more companies are encouraging remote work, hotels are seeing the opportunities in rebranding as remote offices. Getting both work and play done at the same time. The fact that conference rooms can now only take half the capacity is inspiring innovative ways to do conferences such as having meetings outside in nature under a tent or virtually.

So, as we await the big events to come our way, we continue to depend on the everyday conferences here and a small wedding there, the weekend road trip gang and the family with cabin fever looking to have a change of environment. After a whole year of eating in and preparing your own meals, eat out some more, support your local restaurants or better yet, visit Enashipai and experience this and more!

By: Editorial Team

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