February Couples Spa Offer

Spoil yourself and your loved one this Valentine’s and the whole month of February by indulging in our special couples treatment – the #TogetherForever treatment. Begin with a gentle scrub followed by a warm chocolate wrap and a 50 minute relaxing massage, inclusive of a glass of red wine or a chocolate mango mousse in […]


Country of origin: Kenya Mahamri – An authentic snack which originated from the Swahili regions of Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Ingredients: 3 cups plain flour 1 cup coconut milk powder ¾ cup warm milk 1 teaspoon ground cardamom 1 tablespoon instant yeast ¼ cup warm water ½ cup sugar Oil for deep frying Directions: […]


Sosatie Country of origin: Botswana Sosatie is a traditional dish from Botswana, that is cooked on skewers. The marinated, cubed meat usually is skewered and barbecued shish-kebab style. It is also quite common in South Africa. Here’s how to prepare it: Ingredients: 2.5 kg lamb shoulder, boned, skin removed, trimmed, cut into 3 cm cubes […]

Amarula Cheese Cake

Amarula Cheesecake: Country of origin: South Africa And for our last ‘Recipes for an African Christmas’ dish, we focus on yet another South African favourite – Amarula cheesecake. It’s a simple yet rich and creamy dessert which will always have your guests begging for more. Here’s how to prepare it: For chapatti: Ingredients: 200 grams […]

Harira Soup

Country of origin: Morocco Harira is a Moroccan soup, popularly used at a starter during Ramadan but is also eaten as a light snack, on its own. Ingredients: 250 g meat (lamb, beef or chicken), chopped into cubes 3 tbs cooking oil 1 bunch cilantro, ¼ cup when finely chopped 1 bunch parsley, ¼ cup […]

Dry Poulet Yassa

Country of origin: Senegal Our recipe for today is this famous West African chicken dish – Poulet Yassa. Here’s how to prepare it: Ingredients: 2 small boneless chicken breast halves without skin, cubed 1 small onion, minced 15 ml (1 tbsp) Dijon mustard 2 limes (juice) 2 cloves garlic (minced) 1 cube of concentrated chicken, […]

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