Road To Enashipai: Let’s get this show on the road!

“Sometimes all you need is a great friend and a tank of gas.” - Adrianna Sherrick

The Road To Enashipai offers you a chance to grab your family and/or friend and explore the awe inspiring sights and sounds that this beautiful country has to offer, all while standing a chance to win incredible prizes.

Joining the fun is super easy. All you need to do is take a trip to Enashipai Resort & Spa and share the pictures of your journey on social media (Facebook and Instagram) with the hashtag #RoadToEnashipai.

How To Participate:

• Choose a route you can take by road to Enashipai Resort & Spa.

• Take pictures along the way, especially at well-known locations such as the Rift Valley View Point, Mt. Longonot, Prisoners of War Church, and so on.

• On arrival at Enashipai, inform the receptionist on duty that you are on the #RoadToEnashipai, after which they will guide you to prime locations around the resort where you can take more pictures.

• Get the chance to compete in a hidden prize competition at the resort.

• Share pictures from your trip and get a chance to win an array of fabulous prizes.

Fantastic prizes to be won:

• T-shirts

• Spa vouchers

• Accommodation vouchers

• Lunch vouchers

• Fuel vouchers courtesy of OilLibya

Among others...

Some of the prizes such as spa treatments, family vacations and fuel vouchers will be distributed based on the number of likes and shares your #RoadToEnashipai pictures get on the specified social media platforms, so be sure to share widely and have your friends join in on the fun.

As you drive, be sure to check out these exciting sights on your #RoadToEnashipai:

1. The Escarpment: This naturally occurring marvel was created when fault lines formed with the land between them making the Great Rift Valley that runs from Lebanon to Mozambique. The escarpments are a scenic vantage point from which to look across this natural wonder.

2. Prisoners Of War Memorial Church: This little Catholic Church was built by Italian prisoners of war in 1942. Etched into the inner walls of this church are Latin phrases such as ‘Vinte Ad Memone’(Come to me my people) and ‘Haec Est Victoria Quae Vincit Mundum Fides Mustra). The words are filled with messages of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity.

3. Roast Maize near Kimende: Roast maize is an important aspect of Kenyan street food as well as the Kenyan experience and you will be hard pressed to find better quality than is available near Kimende. This sweet, tasty, juicy yet crisp delicacy is a must try.

4. Mount Longonot: Safe and snug in the Mount Longonot National Park, the peak of this giant stratovolcano stands at an elevation 2,776 metres (9,108 feet). It is a relatively easy mountain climb taking approximately 4-5 hours set against a beautiful backdrop of lakes and park lands.

5. Gatimaiyu Forest: Reminiscent of mythical lands such as Narnia, this stunning forest is a tranquil respite just a few minutes out of Nairobi.

6. Crescent Island: This private sanctuary location in the middle of Lake Naivasha is one of the area’s best kept secrets. It offers a chance to walk in close proximity with some of Kenya’s most sought out wildlife while being only a short boatride from Enashipai Resort and Spa.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend, pass by an OiLybia to fill your tank and get the fun started! Click here for the official video.